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The Educational Resources Site
Teaching Resources

A great web site containing e-learning material to help teachers motivate students to learn French. A wide range of resources are available to help students to revise for exams.

Teacher Resources
Teaching resources are the tools that teachers use to aid them in teaching. Teaching resources are easily and freely available online on many websites over the internet. The resources help the teacher's to prepare for their lessons adequately and drive students knowledge with quality education.

Cool Planet for Teachers - Oxfam
Oxfam’s Cool Planet is launching a new, free email update service for teachers.
For a limited time, every 100th subscriber will win £100 worth of Global Citizenship resources for their school.

ARKive – Creating a lasting audio-visual record of life on Earth.

 Study Abroad Programs - Global Student Experience
Global Student Experience is a dedicated team of study abroad enthusiasts, devoted to spreading the benefits of international education to U.S. college and university students.  As such, GSE offers high quality, all-inclusive study abroad programs in Argentina, Australia, England, France, Italy, Mexico, and Spain for U.S. and Canadian undergraduate students.



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