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ARKiveimage: click here to visit ARKive, the world’s largest digital treasury for images of endangered species.
Creating a lasting audio-visual record of life on Earth.

A useful collection of online speech sounds, covering many languages.

FT Exploring
Discover how the same basic principles influence and control how things work in nature, living organisms, and human technology. You will be guided by creative, clearly written, and thoroughly researched articles with plenty of great pictures.



A great web site containing e-learning material to help teachers motivate students to learn French. A wide range of resources are available to help students to revise for exams.

An excellent website catering to the needs of those learning Spanish with free resources like the Spanish word of the day, online Course and Level Test to ensure you speaking fluently.

Questia Library
Questia Library - you can access full-text Books, Journals,
Articles and Encyclopaedias in this site. It is a research solution for better
grades. Check their Full-text online library.

EnjoyMaths is a subscription website that offers over 400 interactive and printable maths worksheets for KS1 and KS2. For each worksheet new tasks can be generated with a click of a button providing numerous worksheets to practice. 

Reading Skills
Improve reading skills with these great reading tips. A K-12 information resources on a range of topics like tutoring, private & public schools, child care, etc.

Home Tutoring Directory
The online private tuition directory with listings of tutors, tutoring agencies and training providers throughout the UK

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