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The Educational Resources Site

BBC Health Site
Good site with lots of useful information. Try the 'Life Calculator' to anticipate how long you will live - very educational.

Department of Health
Includes Health Information Service, National Drugs Helpline, National Aids and Helpline.

Prevention and selfcare (US government site) - includes links to online interactive questionnaires.

How long will you live?
The Longevity game developed by an American insurance company - how long you have already lived is one of the best predictors of how long you may live.

Many useful information on conditions such as Acne, headache, diabetes and so on. Also has a section on body rhythms, first aid and 'Ask the Experts'.

National Health Service
Direct Online - has useful information on health, healthy living, HIV/AIDS, illnesses, disabilities, treatments and where to go for help, FAQ, A to Z guide to NHS, and links to useful sources of help and advice.

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