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The Educational Resources Site

Advice & Counselling Services
Large list of local and national support organisations in UK.

Bullying Online
Help and advice to everyone from children to parents and teachers.

Includes useful information on bullying, child abuse, eating problems, exam stress and suicide.

Be Fearless @ - you can find the latest resources for the crime fighting charity Crimestoppers.

Support organisation for lone parent families in England & Wales.

Mental Health Net
Guide to on-line mental and behavioural health.

Information about a leading mental health charity in England & Wales.

Mental Health Foundation
Tells you about mental health issues, where to get help, information about specific mental health problems, treatments and your rights.

After Adoption
After Adoption is a voluntary adoption agency and one of the largest providers of adoption support services in the UK. Has a helpline about adoption for young people.

The Samaritans
Provides confidential emotional support to any person who is suicidal or despairing.   Also provides public awareness of issues around suicide and depression.

The Wounded Healer Journal
Support for survivors of traumatic experiences such as child abuse.

The Who Cares? Trust
Information on keeping young people safe and cared for when living away from home.

Large selection of information on conditions, disorders and disabilities.

Women's Aid
Information and advice for women and children experiencing physical, sexual or emotional abuse in their homes.

Information and advice for young people and parents on various issues such as feeling depressed, sexual abuse and mental illness.

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